Self-Compassion: Be More Kind to Yourself Instead of Striving for Bullshit Self-Esteem



For decades, the U.S. has been obsessed with "self-esteem" or our lack of it. But self-esteem isn't that great, and getting all puffed up about yourself isn't exactly a recipe for the good life. How about self-compassion instead? Bestseller Dr Faith explains the difference between the two and offers some helpful exercises in developing more compassion for yourself. It's very different, she explains than letting yourself off the hook for your bullshit. It's more helpful to accept that you're human so that you can learn and grow rather than push aside your problems or wallow in your mistakes. Also, kindness to yourself helps you be more kind to other people. Everyone wins!

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    ISBN 9781621061410
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    Publisher Microcosm Publishing
    Pages 30
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