Our Story

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How it began

Thankubody Press was established in 2019 with the goal of developing resources and guides to support body image. Our publications use evidence-based principles to build media literacy and body image resiliency.

In 2020, thankubody started distributing other publications that present a wide range of perspectives on mental health, creativity and more.

Thankubody proudly independent and committed to helping empower people by providing them with accessible tools for health and wellbeing.

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Our values

Accessibility: Our aim is to support our community with supportive, joyful and empowering books and zines. 

Community: We believe in amplifying community voices and their unique insights through zines. If you would like submit a zine for distribution we have a submissions page.

Compassion: We know that there's not just one way to live a healthy or happy life and so we create multiple kinds of content to help you find your own true path. All of our content will, in some way, make you feel more self-compassionate and understanding about other people's struggles too.