Submitting a Zine for Distribution

If you have mental health, self-care, or body image-related zines you'd like us to consider for distribution, post a sample zine to: 

Attn: Submissions
thankubody Zines
29 St Georges St
Willunga, SA, 5172

Tell us a bit about you, your inspiration, and the zines' retail price. We value the lived experiences of zinesters writing about these topics and love many types of zines, including; comic zines, per-zines (personal zines), mini-zines, and workbook zines. We purchase zines upfront and always strive to support the work of our zinesters.  


Topics of Interest

Mental Health Zines

We're always seeking out helpful zines discussing mental health aspects from either a personal perspective or zines created by mental health professionals. Topics might discuss addiction, anxiety, depression, fear, grief, recovery, OCD, PTSD, trauma-related zines, and more.

Body Image Zines 

We're presently looking to expand our body image collection with zines about activism, body science, culture, disability, illness, fat-positivity, feminism, gender, media literacy, pain management, and sexual health. If you have a zine relating to these topics, we'd love to see it! 

Self Care Zines 

Cultivating a supportive self-care practice is at the heart of all of our zine collections. We love self-care zines and can never get enough them! Our self-care collection might include art and craft, inspiring creativity, enjoyment of food, journaling, mindfulness, self-care tips & ideas, self-compassion, and more.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at


**Please note that we maintain an inclusive and positive philosophy to our zines and don't carry zines advocating weight loss, dieting, food restriction, negative body talk, or negative food talk.