Awesome Ovaries


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Do you understand your uterus?

It's not like people have been lining up our whole lives to teach us how these things actually work and how to take care of them. This little zine is packed with facts, and drawings that explain your uterus, periods, ovulation, getting pregnant, the little-discussed "clear flow", vulvas and penises, the clitoris, hormones, what it means to be intersex, how to track and manage your period, safe and unsafe touch, and MORE.

The authors don't treat this stuff like it's shameful, they don't conflate your body parts with your gender, and they treat periods like a superpower.

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    ISBN 9781621064640
    Cover Paperback
    Publisher Microcosm Publishing
    Pages 43
    Condition New
    Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5 inches