Embodied Resilience Through Yoga



This inspiring book, filled with thirty personal essays of resilience found through yoga, supports your healing journey to find empowerment, connection, and growth following trauma.

Featuring Susanna Barkataki, Sarah Nannen, Zabie Yamasaki, Michelle Johnson, and many other renowned practitioners, Embodied Resilience through Yoga showcases amazing stories of overcoming addiction, working through trauma, and learning to how to heal from grief. Topics of loss and trauma are often swept aside in conversations about mindfulness and yoga, but this remarkable book presents empowering essays that prove your experiences matter and that yoga can help you find the resilience to carry on.

Explore unique perspectives on trauma related to gender, identity, body image, and more. This essential reading will inspire you to find the strength you didn’t even realize you had.

Authors: Kat Heagberg, Melanie C. Klein, Kathryn Ashworth & Toni Willis

Product Details

ISBN 9780738762494
Cover Paperback
Publisher Llewellyn Books
Pages 336
Condition New
Dimensions 23 x 15 x 2 centimetres