I Don't Believe in Popular Kids: Lessons from One Girl's Fight for Inclusion


Heather, a fifth grader on the autism spectrum, could find no relief from the abuse of her bullies. She did everything we’re taught when confronted with this situation. She tried rationalizing with her tormenters, ignoring them, and seeking the support of her teachers. Nothing seemed to help, and if anything, the situation worsened. If Heather’s story sounds familiar, that’s because kids, teens, and even adults are faced with similar abuse every day. You yourself have probably had your own experiences; you might have even participated without realizing it. 

Written with help from her mother, I Don’t Believe in Popular Kids explores Heather’s fight against bullying along with her journey toward self-discovery. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of Heather’s experience, along with coping mechanisms and suggestions on how to deal with situations like pointing out prejudice, loving your body, advocating for empathy, and questioning harmful rules. 

This book serves as a fantastic read for anyone who needs a strong role model or some inspiration on how to become an ally for those in need.

Product Details

ISBN 9781621064534
Cover Paperback
Publisher Microcosm Publishing
Pages 72
Condition New
Dimensions 14 x 11 x 0.5cm