Make Your Own Fun: A Zine About Making Zines



Make Your Own Fun, is a risograph printed zine and how-to guide for making your own zine. 

Kristyna— UK artist and illustrator —loves making self-published books and sharing these processes and techniques with other people.

This zine-about-zines offers insight into every stage of the self-publishing process, from generating content and zine formats to binding, printing, and distribution.

Perfect for aspiring self-publishers, zine enthusiasts, or anyone interested in D.I.Y. methods of creative communication.

*Handmade in the United Kingdom by Kristyna Baczynski, award-winning Illustrator, and Cartoonist.

Product Details
Cover Paperback
Publisher Kristyna Baczynski
Pages 20
Condition New
Dimensions 6 x 8 inches