Mettanoia (Vol 3) Mental Health & Self-Care Strategies


 "Keep a green tree in your heart, and one day the singing bird will come" - Shea Pederson

In the third of this beautiful perzine series, Mettanoia - Mental Health & Self Care Strategies uses storytelling to reflect on helpful ways to keep a positive outlook and nurture one's mental well-being. 

This zine will resonate among those with a tendency toward introversion as Shea shares beautiful stories of swings and parks to help heal one's soul and connect with the world around us. 

If you enjoy reading story-filled zines nestled with beautiful illustrations, you'll love Mettanoia #3.  

Product Details

ISBN 9781621064572
Cover Paperback
Publisher Microcosm Publishing
Pages 24
Condition New
Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5 inches