Queer Animals Colouring Zine


Lesbian lizards, gay orgies of manatees, polyamorous oystercatchers, trans clownfish, bisexual red deer, and masturbating bonobos!

This colouring book celebrates the diversity of animals and the way our beautiful queer communities exist far beyond the realms of human culture. So many of us grew up with wildlife programs and school biology classes that never once mention these natural aspects of life on Earth. It was all ‘male meets female, seduces her with his bright feathers or funky dance, and they very quickly mate.' The implication has always been that the whole point of life is to make little baby animals, and nothing in the great natural world might challenge the cis-het norms of biologists. 

This entertaining and educational resource, created by trans woman and ecologist Otter Liffe, and richly illustrated by Anja Van Geert, liberates this knowledge and helps free us all to express our true selves.

Product Details

ISBN 9781621062585
Cover Paperback
Publisher Microcosm Publishing
Pages 48
Condition New
Dimensions 8.5 x 11 inches