The Book of Overthinking How to Stop the Cycle of Worry



The more you overthink, the more anxious you get. Gwendoline Smith explains what overthinking is and offers advice for overcoming this form of anxiety.

Often seen as a form of anxiety that many people are prone to, overthinking is when the person goes over events repeatedly in their mind. Psychologist Gwendoline Smith explains in simple language about the concepts of positive and negative overthinking, anxiety and ways to deal with the 'thought viruses' that are holding you back. She uses humour, examples and anecdotes to explain what's going on in your head with strategies for dealing with problems.

This book reveals how cognitive behavioural theory can improve many aspects of your life, from personal relationships to the workplace.

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ISBN 9781988547374
Cover Paperback
Publisher Allen & Unwin
Pages 264
Condition New
Dimensions 19 x 13 x 2cm