Trauma is Really Strange


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This comic-style zine explains all about trauma and how it affects the brain and body in a "non-scary way" so that you can begin to understand some of the body sensations you may be experiencing as a result of trauma. 

The witty comics and helpful metaphors make it easy to understand the science behind trauma so that you can then begin to take practical steps to overcome it. The zine helps you do this through learning about self-regulation, which can change the body's response to trauma. After reading this supportive zine, you'll feel empowered knowing that what your body is going through as a result of trauma is a normal physiological response. And the good news is, as this zine affirms "we can overcome trauma."

Product Details

ISBN 9781848192935
Cover Paperback
Publisher Singing Dragon
Pages 32
Condition New
Dimensions 6.7 x 9.1 inches