Unfuck Your Grief: Using Science to Heal Yourself and Support Others



When we lose someone or something close to us—a loved person or animal, a relationship, our health, our dream, our idea of who we are—it hurts. A lot. Grief is both what we experience and how we heal. Dr. Faith Harper, bestselling author of books like Unfuck Your Brain and Unfuck Your Boundaries, brings us a counselling and neuroscience perspective on grieving. She explains what is happening in our brains and bodies and what we need to allow it to happen fully. She also shows us how to identify and treat traumatic grief, the variety of grieving processes we experience, what grief looks like in the long term, when to get professional support, and how to ask the people in our lives for what we need (and to give ourselves the care we need as well). You'll also find solid advice on how (and how not!) to support a grieving person in your life—Wise, a little crass, and gently funny. 

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ISBN 9781621062042
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Publisher Microcosm Publishing
Pages 128
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